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"Surely this Islam is your religion, one religion (only), and I am your Lord, therefore serve Me. And they broke their religion (into sects) between them: to Us shall all come back." - Qur'an 21:92-93.

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The Unlikely Muslim: In College Park, the way to Islam as a Latino (Justin Cox)
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Interview with LADO / Piedad (Yasmin Essa)

In the Name of Allah (Margaret Ramirez)
The Latino Crescent (Lyndsey Matthews)
'New Muslim Cool' (Ginia Bellafante)
Islam within the Latino Community (Hjamil A Martínez-Vázquez)
Imam Leads Faith Journeys Far and Wide (Maurice Gandy)
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Catholic Latinos Converting to Islam (Benjamin Peim)
Islamic and Hispanic Cultures Intermesh (Spence Kimball)
NU Cultural Groups Host Film, Rapper (Maria LaMagna)
Volunteer joins Houston-Area Mosques to help Refugees (Mike Tolson)
Happy Ramadan, Latino Muslims. Have We Got A Date For You. (Alex Alvarez)

America's Muslim population is gaining a Hispanic accent (Sherri Day)
Spanish-Speaking Muslims Find a Home (Sameera Iqbal)
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NSU Lecture Explores Islamic, Hispanic Connection (Lisa Bolivar)
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Even as Islam Booms, Its Many Faces Can Deter Converts (Mrinalini Reddy)
Hispanic Muslim Day - The Beauty of Family in Islam (Najwa Awad)
From Cross to Crescent - Latinos Increasingly Converting (Anthony Chiorazzi)
Latino-Muslims Share Experiences at Dar-Al-Hijrah Event (Farkhunda Ali)
Hispanic Muslims in Atlanta Overcome Anti-Muslim Stereotypes (Ana Varela)
More Hispanic Americans are Converting to Islam (Steve Mort)
Hispanics Converting into Islam (Maria Chercoles)
BC Islamic Society Introduces Latin Muslims (Ezra Rich)
U.S: Hispanics and Islam (Sameera Iqbal)
Victor Perez (OneNation)

Latino Muslims seek answers (Martin Ricard)
Reaching for the Moon (Kirk Nielsen)
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Our Stories: A Leap of Faith (Damarys Ocana)
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Islamic fair unveils culture (Megan Seery)
Islam Catching On Among Latinos (El Puente Del Cinco)
Olé - Islam in Spanish (Mansur Mirovalev)
Converts to Islam face many obstacles (Leonard Martinez)
Latino Muslims (Belia Ortega)

Latino Muslims a Growing Presence in America (Lisa Viscidi)
Latino Americans Embracing Islam (Kenny Yusuf Rodriguez)
Using history to find common roots (Julia M. Scott)
From Mexico to Mecca (Ana Campoy)
Area Hispanics find familiarity in Islam (Wendy Hundley)
Muslims make effort to welcome Hispanic 'reverts' (Ira J. Hadnot)
Latino Americans Reclaim Their Islamic Heritage (Salmy Hashim)
Musulmanes hispanos cruzan frontera de la fe (Cristina Elías)
Number of Hispanic Muslim converts growing (Tara Dooley)
Conference focuses on Muslim Latinos (Katherine Pace)
¡Hola Islam! (Sofia Quintero)

Q & A with a Latina Muslim (Jay Cridlin)
Many drawn to Islam's simplicity, peace, balance (Rabiah Ahmed)
Latino Muslims build identity (James Janega)
Latina Muslims: The Choices They Make (Ramin Ganeshram)
History Draws Hispanics to Islam (Deborah Kong)
Arizona Latino Muslims (Daniel González)
Terror suspect's arrest puts Hispanics on edge (Dan Mihalopoulos)
Hispanic or African-American Jihad? (Earl Ofari Hutchinson)
"From the Alamo to Kosovo" (Edward H. Sebesta)
Are There More José Padillas To Come? (A. Mario Castillo)
Could Have Been Prison Buddies (Joe Loya)
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Islam Is Also an Alternative for Latinos (Anna Cuenca)
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"¡Hola!" or "Salaam alaiykum" (Marion Piekarec)
Latinos abandon Catholic church for Islam (Andrea Perera)
Islam gains Hispanic adherents in Hudson (Falasten M. Abdeljabbar)
Latino Muslim speaks about religion (Ali Fard)
Ranks of Latinos Turning to Islam Are Increasing (Daniel J. Wakin)
American Latino Wears Shalwar Kameez (Asma Gull Hasan)
Hispanos musulmanes de Nueva York (Luis Alonso Lugo)
Islam Luring More Latinos (Chris L. Jenkins)
Latino Muslims (Jazmin Ortega)
A Matter of Faith (Stephen Magagnini)

Olé to Allah: New York's Latino Muslims (Hisham Aidi)
New Islamic Movement Seeks Latino Converts (Margaret Ramirez)
Small wave of Latinos feel draw of Islam (James W. Blair Jr)
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Los Musulmanes, the Spanish Ummah (Nicole Ballivan)
The Growing Presence (Uzra Zeya)

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